Areas of focus

The Potts Family Foundation has two primary areas of focus.

The first area of focus is to increase the effectiveness of nonprofits in improving their communities. We do so through
The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits.
Visit their site to learn more about their work.

The second area of focus is revealing the proven link between early childhood development and economic growth. We do so through our partnership with Smart Start Oklahoma and Oklahoma Business Roundtable. We advocate through the Oklahoma Champions for Early Opportunities (OKCEO) network.

These two areas of focus are accomplished by means of: education, advocacy, collaboration, and grantmaking.

About Us

Our Vision: All Oklahomans have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Mission Statement: To provide support for sustainable early childhood initiatives and nonprofit capacity building.

Who are we? We are a family foundation, organized as a Supporting Organization, and a majority of our board is comprised of outside community leaders.

What do we do? We address root causes of early childhood neglect (emotional, physical, and mental) by supporting proven solutions through early childhood initiatives (ages 0-3), and the management and leadership development of Oklahoma nonprofits.
We collaborate with other entities to leverage people, material and dollar resources and secure greater results. We also provide annual grants in support of our priority initiatives.


Potts Family Foundation awards more than $100,000 in grants to seven early childhood programs in Oklahoma

The Potts Family Foundation recently awarded more than $100,000 to seven Oklahoma nonprofits, continuing the foundation’s commitment to supporting early childhood research, resources and services throughout the state. Formed in 2000, the Potts Family Foundation supports early childhood development through education, advocacy, collaboration and grants. Organization co-founder Pat Potts, who serves as the foundation’s president, […]

Quality Early Childhood Development is Essential for the Economy

The most frequently used words during the Democratic and Republican Conventions? Jobs (168 times), business (121 times), families (120), women (95), economy (94), government (79). The number of times early learning was mentioned? Sixteen. Study after study shows that early childhood education is one of the most effective investments our country can make in the economic future of […]